Manufacture of organic pasta in Peaugres

Manufacture of organic biscuits in Peaugres

Market-leading expertise in organic plants

It begins as a seed that we sow. By the end, it’s an organic product that you love. From soil to shelf, our activities form a chain of skills and know-how to showcase organic plants’ generosity in all our brands.

Ekibio's sourcing is based on setting up fair trade and solidarity-based organic supply chains. The objective? Direct, sustainable, faithful and responsible relationships with farmers and their cooperatives to secure over the long term the quantities we need, the highest quality, and compliant plant raw materials.
When Didier Perréol discovered this sacred little grain, and met the farmers of the Altiplano, what resulted was the company's first-ever fair trade supply chain. Launched in 1989 and Organic Fair Trade certified in 1999, it illustrates the benefits of this approach.
Over in Bolivia, at 3,000 metres altitude, Organic Fair Trade quinoa means respect for the terroir (organic farming methods, low mechanisation, set-aside rotation, and preferring hillside cultivation to help prevent soil erosion) and economic development for hundreds of families whose livelihood depends on their work. Ekibio has created locally a facility for primary processing (washing, drying, sorting, etc.) run by its subsidiary Jatariy.
As shown by its diverse array of products, sold mainly under its Priméal brand (500 products), Ekibio works with many cereals, rice, pulses, flakes and oilseeds.
Through its subsidiary Sopadiet, Ekibio has efficient R&D and manufacturing facilities. Starting with organic plant-derived materials, it designs, makes and packages a very wide range of products (soups, creams, purees, fast meals, snacks, mueslis, flakes...), of ingredients (sugars, flours, etc.) and culinary aids (savoury and sweet blends, dessert mixes, bread ingredients...) in many forms (packs, ready drinks, cups, etc.).


The Ekibio Group is safeguarding pasta and biscuit know-how, inherited from age-old artisanal traditions, in modern and efficient workshops where new products are being invented all the time.

  • PASTA. Our subsidiary Nicolas has a spaghetti line, a short-pasta line and a tagliatelle roller for making all kinds of pasta. We work with the finest organic durum wheat meals, sometimes combined with other organic cereals or ingredients (vegetables, spices, condiments...) to create delicious specialities. Through slow kneading, low-temperature drying, etc., we always respect the raw material, to keep all the nutritional value and flavour intact.
  • BISCUITS. Our subsidiary Territoire uses a line with a continuous oven (and a dedicated chocolate-filling line) to make a wide variety of organic rich and filled biscuits... Ingredients of high nutritional quality (semi-whole wheat flours, brown cane sugar...) take pride of place, together with honey, diverse cereals (buckwheat, Einkorn wheat...) and alternative recipes (sugar-free, salt-free, etc.). The organic palm oil we use comes only from a sustainable, fair-trade farm in Colombia, which is certified for its responsible plantation management (no forest clearing, support for biodiversity...).
Through its company Euro-Nat, in Peaugres, the Ekibio Group markets 2,500 food and non-food products under its own brands and a selection of exclusive or distributed brands.
They are all delivered to specialist shops in France and worldwide, with support from the Group's logistics operation in Peaugres: 6,000 sq m of warehousing, storage capacity for 9,500 pallets, optimised management of best-before dates, just-in-time order preparation using optical scanning, etc.
Euro-Nat also has a 15-strong sales force including six field/office pairs, equipped with a customer software package to deliver responsive and optimised service; plus an export department with five staff.