Discover in detail Ekibio’s SER actions in the environmental field (in French):

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Higher performance, lower impact

The Ekibio Group’s environmental management system, which is ISO 14001 certified, drives compliance with multiple regulatory requirements and control over our activities’ impacts (waste, energy, carbon, water, etc.) through a mindset of continual improvement.

Managing waste with a “life cycle” approach

  • Limiting waste sources.
  • Eco-design of packaging: minimal quantities, recyclable or biodegradable materials, optimised parameter mix (contents / container / weight / composition / strength, etc.) to limit waste production.
  • Rejects are directly recycled into the production cycle, or used to make co-products.
  • Sorting improvements and raising of recycling rates (90% of waste).
  • Compactors to reduced volumes carried (106 trucks and 8 tons of CO2 saved in 2013).

A tangible contribution to the energy transition

  • Mix of renewable energies: solar photovoltaic (panels on bike/electric car shelter/charging station, and on the awning of the refrigeration-unit roof); solar thermal to heat 80% of the sanitary hot water used at the Peaugres site; thermodynamics to heat the packaging unit; aerothermal to heat and air-condition the offices.
  • Gradual replacement of fossil fuel-based energies: 100 tons of CO2 saved in 2013.
  • Relative reduction in energy consumption.

Responsible logistics

  • Minimised stockouts and optimised stock rotation.
  • Supplies procured locally or from the nearest possible area.
  • Committed partner transporters: sustainable development charter, reduction of their CO2 emissions, eco-driving, etc.
  • Offsetting carbon by reforesting the Boulieu-lès-Annonay area.

Protected water resources

  • Controlled, minimised consumption across the Peaugres site.
  • Harvesting rainwater for toilets and outdoor watering.

Sustainable building programme

  • 10,000 sq m built to the French HQE (high environmental quality) standard, following geobiological assessments.

Restricted releases

  • Water and air are monitored.