Entreprendre pour changer le monde

In "Changing the World through Enterprise", Ardèche farmer's son Didier Perréol explains how he built one of the most pioneering groups in the green economy. How did he manage to show that a different business model - serving people and the planet - was possible? What trials did he go through before finding his way into the global food-industry's complex supply chains? This "true novel" recounts a man's life, and retraces the key decisions and environmental, social and economic commitments that have forged his company's success.
Before winning, this food-industry captain endured storms and on several occasions lost almost everything. The twists and turns on the path of an explorer who one day discovered a gem of a plant - quinoa - on the high plateaux of Bolivia add up to a breathtaking journey.
This epic spans a quarter-century's commitment to organic smallholders, from the chestnut groves of Ardèche - where Didier Perréol's fight began - to Bolivia and all around the world.
Published in French in 2013
Available from Decitre.fr

Bon et Bio, mais c'est quoi la Bio ?

"Tasty and Organic, but what's Organic?" tells why and how more and more citizen-consumers are becoming eco-citizens and consumer-stakeholders of the organic sector (food, clothing, jobs, savings, etc.) and why this sector now offers the best chance to rescue the world from its dead-end; affirm universal human values; and offer future generations the planet they deserve.
Buoyed by their beliefs and personal experience, the authors of this courageous little book, which is particularly well-documented and emphatically optimistic, state with dynamic peace of mind that - with the now-famous phrase - "The third millennium with be organic, or will be nothing at all"!
Published in French in 2009
Available at Eyrolles.com

Une graine sacrée : Le Quinoa

"Quinoa: a sacred grain" was written by Didier Perréol, founder and chief executive of Euro-Nat. The book's first section retraces the history and re-discovery of quinoa, the partnership with an NGO, and how quinoa was taken to market.
The second section provides scientific and nutritional data on quinoa. Forty recipes invite the reader to discover new flavours...
Available in French.

Entreprendre pour un nouveau monde

Peut-on réussir sans renier ses engagements écologiques, sociaux et économiques ?

Didier PERRÉOL nous raconte comment il a fait de ses valeurs les clés de son succès. Il nous décrit le modèle d'entreprise qu'il a conçu à partir de sa rencontre avec le Quinoa, sur les hauts plateaux boliviens.
Aujourd'hui à la tête d'un groupe avant-gardiste de l'économie verte, Didier Perréol nous prouve très concrètement que, sans n'avoir jamais rien « lâché », il est possible de mettre en place un modèle d'entreprise efficace et rentable au service de l'Homme et de la planète.
Il témoigne de sa ténacité, des épreuves qu'il a dû surmonter, des risques encourus et surtout de solutions qui ouvrent des perspectives innovantes.

• Des réponses à une économie stagnante qui a du mal à concevoir ses futurs
• Comment réussir à conjuguer le chiffre et l’être, l’économie et le solidaire