Strong core values

Twenty-five years ago, Priméal chose plants - a decision dictated by the need to rebalance our consumption of animal and vegetable protein and to save the planet's resources.
Priméal, a leading organic brand, helps meet family's eating requirements by:
  • combining nutrition, taste and subtle flavours: organic and delicious
  • promoting quality, traceability and safety
  • setting up fair, solidarity-based relationships with farmers.
The brand is sold only in organic shops .

Organic & Local: a brand committed to crops grown close to home

"Think global, act local" could be the motto of the farming supply chains Priméal works with.
Showcasing our terroirs and the people who work there is the purpose of these local supply chains:

A pioneering brand of premium-quality quinoa from Bolivia

Priméal discovered quinoa and introduced the Incas' sacred grain to France in 1989.
Since then Priméal has been offering the best of quinoa:
  • provenance: Bolivia's Altiplano region
  • farmed organically
  • variety: quinoa réal
  • the grains are desaponified and washed
  • even-sized grains of 2mm diameter, with no blemishes
  • distinctive flavour
Try all of Priméal's quinoa grains: white, red, black, solo or mixed.

A creative, innovative brand

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Priméal’s brand manifesto

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  • 1 • Let's protect organic rice, cereals, pulses and oilseeds, which are an essential part of the daily diet
  • 2 • Let’s safeguard these threatened or little-known organic gems, which are the food heritage of the planet
    3 • Let’s fight to defend these terroirs, the cradle of unique varieties
  • 4 • Let’s ensure a diversity of flavours
  • 5 • Let’s guarantee fair pay for these smallholding farmers, who live from their land
  • 6 • Let’s preserve these organic terroirs for future generations 
  • 7 • Let’s protect the biodiversity of our countryside
  • 8 • Let’s support, in France, our flavour matchmakers who boldly devise convenient, easy recipes that anyone can cook easily
  • 9 • Let’s dare to make organic food a thing of joy, and to dream up inventive ingredients to make your dishes sparkle
  • 10 • Let’s maintain jobs in France: supporting small farmers, helping them flourish, and locating our sites in your regions
More than 500 products in the Priméal range.
Several product families make up the core range: cereals, pulses and oilseeds; pasta; flours, dry cakes, aperitif snacks; breakfast cereals; sugars and sweeteners; ready mixes (for desserts, soups, purees, etc.); vegetable preserves; specific organic items (sprouting seeds, superfruits), culinary aids (stocks, yeasts, brans, algae) and chestnuts (puree, creamed, whole nuts).
With the Priméal range, vegetarians, vegans and people keen to cut their meat intake have found a complete answer to their needs, by combining plant proteins.