Organic recipe blog

Eating and living organic

Through the diversity of the products it makes and sells, Ekibio is helping shift lifestyles towards a way of consuming that is more responsible, local and sustainable – with a healthy, tasty diet that respects the environment.

Products for everyone

Available in 1,800 shops throughout France, and distributed in 45 countries on three continents, the products under Ekibio's brands are designed for everyone - all the family, every generation, throughout daily life: meals, personal care and home care.

Healthy, simple, quality products

Each of the many certifications carried by our brands is a guarantee (of transparency, ethics, food safety, local provenance, respect for biodiversity...) for consumers, who, more than ever, are seeking meaningful, trustworthy products when they shop.

Cooking for health, pleasure and creativity

Organic food = dull cooking? Never! For the past 27 years, Ekibio has been striving to ensure that the biggest benefit of organic food is the pleasure of cooking and eating, by offering hundreds of products that are convenient, easy to use, colourful and appetising on the plate; good for health through their nutritional value; and full of original recipe ideas (cereal mixtures, quick meals, smart ingredients, superfoods, gluten-free flavours...).