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Agence Bio

A common-interest group tasked with developing and promoting organic farming. It works in several areas, especially communicating on and promoting organic farming to the general public, farming professionals, and the whole agri-food sector; and developing supply chains, markets and trade bodies.
The agency is also the national observatory for organic farming.


The national federation of organic companies, serving the organic-farming sector.
It takes part, at French and European level, in structuring the downstream part of the organic supply chain; and meets the expectations of its members (organic processors and distributors).

Bio convergence

Bioconvergence Rhône-Alpes is a regional network of SMEs involved in organic product processing and retailing. These companies are striving to develop the organic sector with local economic impetus. A non-profit pody, set up in 2000 by four business leaders, it now has 70 members.


For over 20 years, the Corabio network has represented organic farmers in the Rhône-Alpes region, and works to develop the sector. Corabio is the umbrella group for the following non-profit associations: Agribiodrôme, Agri Bio Ardèche, ARDAB (depts. of Rhône and Loire) and ADABio (depts. of Ain, Isère, Savoie, Haute-Savoie)

National organic farming federation

Repas Bio

La Conversion Biologique

National centre for organic resources

Non-profit associations, some of which are partners:

Entreneurs d'avenir

The "Entrepreneurs of the Future" network spotlights the pioneers of a more human, responsible economy through news, events, needs, reports, summaries, and best practices.


Entrepreneurs = growth = jobs

Le Centre Terre Vivante

Since 1979, Terre Vivante has made available to everyone all the ways of protecting the environment and preserving the planet's resources. Terre Vivante publishes books and the magazine Les 4 Saisons du Jardin Bio; and runs an evironmental centre.

Les entreprises humaines

A non-profit association of women and men committed to implementing more people-centric practices in business. It aims to become a benchmark body by showing that sustainable business performance flows from the fulfilment of its people and those with whom they interact.

Organics Cluster Rhone Alpes

A network of private and public sector stakeholders operating in organic cosmetics, food, clothing and homewares. It offers various business services, notably support with innovation and taking products to market.

Oui au bio dans ma cantine

At its "Grenelle" environment summit, France committed to introducing 20% organic products in school canteens by 2012.
At present, the level is less than 2%. To call on elected representatives to plug this huge gap, WWF-France is launching the campaign "Yes to Organic in My Canteen".

Terre et Humanisme

Since 1994, this charity has been striving to pass on agro-ecology techniques in order to make populations food-independent and to safeguard the heritage that feeds us.

Our labels and certifications:


Ecocert is a body that inspects and certifies organic products. Its work covers three areas: inspection and certification, to ensure stringent compliance with specifications applicable to products, systems and services; drawing up standards in partnership with sector professionals; vocational training.

Bio Partenaires

A universal initiative: maintaining the rural fabric in North and South.
After 40 years' development, organic farming is gaining in prominence and is no longer escaping globalisation. On a competitive and unstable market, farmers and companies can build sustainable, fair relationships to perpetuate their business activities.
A non-profit association, Bio Partenaire brings together SMEs who want to respect the environmental and quality criteria of organic farming, and the criteria of fair trade.


The French quality label issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and promoted by the French agency for the development and promotion of organic farming (Agence Bio).


France's trade association for natural, ecological and organic cosmetics.


Besids the organic aspect, the Demeter logo (owned by the Demeter association) is the guarantee of bio-dynamic farming that adheres to Rudolf Steiner's commitments.


French association of gluten intolerant people, which delivers a guarantee for gluten-free finished products.

One Voice

An animal protection charity that delivers a "not tested on animals" label.


A textile certification system that guarantees the organic provenance of fibres and ensures that the manufacturing processes used at every stage of textile producing and processing are socially responsible and respect the environment.