See you Friday, April 17, 2015

at Annonay Theatre

Debating and moving forward together

In an event initiated by Ekibio’s business foundation, many committed public figures and the general public gather each springtime around a theme involving organic farming and food, and the environmental, economic and social issues that underlie them.

Philosophers, doctors, scientists, artists, journalists, chefs, experts, politicians, whistleblowers, and officials from charities and NGOs spend a day or two in Ardèche to swap analyses and questions; share knowledge and viewpoints; and debate with the public at talks, screenings, book signings, tastings, and organic meals. Festive, collaborative, instructive and fascinating, "Organic Food in the Stars" is attracting more and more people (1,000 participants in 2014).
The speakers include pioneers and prominent voices in the ecological and food transition movement (Pierre Rahbi, Vandana Shiva...) as well as the Foundation's champions (Gilles-Éric Séralini, Régis Marcon, Michèle Rivasi, Jean-Louis Étienne, Jean-Paul Jaud...).

Programme themes:

  • 2009 The world on a plate
  • 2010 Health and diet
  • 2011 Artisans of taste, gastronomy and culinary pleasures
  • 2012 Exploring the future
  • 2013 Safeguarding biodiversity and seed freedom
  • 2014 Eating differently: best practices that are changing the world
  • 2015 What organic food will we eat tomorrow?
  • 2016 Happiness is the food on our plate