Discover in detail Ekibio’s internal SER actions in the environmental field (in French):

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Feel good, work well

The earth must be cultivated respectfully, and so must the human resource. Ekibio’s management are guided by a conviction: workplace wellbeing and performance make a happy pair if you truly invest in helping each employee thrive.

With 10 years’ average length of service, Ekibio builds loyalty.

Why? Because here, each person can give meaning to their work. In their team, over time.
Participatory management involves each employee through cooperative, project-based working; fosters recognition through profit-sharing; develops skills and values through training; promotes workplace equality and diversity; and strengthens the sense of belonging to the company.
People are central to all our interactions. Social and solidarity-based dialogue, equity and transparency govern ties within the Group and with its partners.

Workplace wellbeing is also all the care taken with employees’ daily experience.

  • Tailored posts and work tempos: strenuousness assessment and corrective measures; tailored hours and chosen part-time working; employment of disabled workers; receptiveness to and consideration of personal difficulties...
  • Environmental quality of the head office in Peaugres (Ardèche), designed to the French HQE (high environmental quality) standard; geobiological assessment and Feng Shui principles (millennia-old art of harmonising a place to promote users' health and wellbeing).
  • Benefits of all-organic comfort: company restaurant, shop, beauty salon...
  • A specific action to continually improve workplace quality of life, through the Sustainable Working Health pilot scheme (in partnership with social-security agency Carsat) including free coaching for employees (advice on workplace health and personal life).