Ekibio products win organic awards

Bio-diverse assortments in shops

We supply our retail customers (1,800 organic shops) with six major brands and a total of 2,500 products to enhance their offerings in food (dry groceries) and non-food (personal care, herbal remedies, eco-products…).

Satisfying consumers’ needs and convictions by constantly reviving their interest.

So that our brands continue to help drive sales, Ekibio evolves its catalogue each year: creating products and ranges, adding new items, extending ranges (flavours, formulas, uses...); seeking the most suitable packaging (retail appeal, convenience, eco-design, etc.); making improvements to our products' ethical, organoleptic, nutritional and/or environmental qualities, and so on.

Satisfying retailers’ needs through efficient services.

  • Listening to customers is part of our Quality policy: satisfaction surveys and reporting, continuous improvement (complaints analysis and corrective actions...).
  • Resources and back-up are available at all times: online customer platform with catalogue, product and market info, technical factsheets, certificates/licences, press reviews, sales support tools, etc.
  • A complete support package: sales, orders, logistics, exports (about 50 people in total).