Bringing people together, taking action

Founded in 2008, Ekibio’s business foundation strives to move ideas forward and raise awareness about choosing food in a way that respects and protects the environment, health, biodiversity and producer-consumer solidarity.

Multi-faceted action around one message: “Let’s give meaning to what we eat”

  • An annual event to gather people around its themes: La Bio dans les Etoiles ("Organic Food in the Stars").
  • Sponsoring initiatives through the Fonds Nature Vivante, a fund that supports:
    • projects of common interest aimed at raising awareness among consumers and business (restaurants and agri-food industry) of the key role played by eco-friendly and organic food.
    • organisations committed to eco-friendly food, organic farming, biodiversity, food safety, relocating production...
  • Disseminating resources (guides, brochures, books, etc.) about eco-friendly cookery and sustainable food (organic, local...).
  • Running a network of champions who have beliefs in common with the Foundation, and advocate them in society.

Want to take action? Any organisation (company, public authority, government agency…) can get involved with us by:

  • Contributing to the Fonds Nature Vivante fund in order to back projects and partner with them.
  • Enriching an SER programme.
  • Benefit from presentations/activities on eco-friendly and organic food for employees or agents.
  • Join a club of stakeholders and business people who are taking action for the environment.
  • Enjoy broad visibility, particularly through the "Organic Food in the Stars" event.
  • Find out more...