Douce Nature: 30 years’ organic experience

Douce Nature offers a wide range of everyday personal-care products for all the family. It carries the Ecocert label, the most stringent there is, plus the Cosmebio label too ( A serious alternative to conventional personal-care products, it is packed with nature's essence.

Made in France, at a laboratory with a long-standing commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable development, Douce Nature uses packaging made from natural PE, guaranteed free of bisphenol A; from cardboard; or from corn starch. Consumer notices are printed on recycled paper with plant-based inks; and the wooden display units for its toiletry soaps contain no glue or screws.

The range consists of seven product families

For babies
A baby's skin is very thin and permeable, so it absorbs far more substances than an adult's skin. Conventional cosmetics use ingredients derived from petrochemicals (mineral oils), synthetic fragrances and colorants, parabens, formaldehyde, PEG or EDTA, whereas organic cosmetics respect babies' health by using natural and/or organic ingredients including plant-based ingredients (flower waters, vegetable oils, etc.) Douce Nature Bébé products for babies focus on babies' wellbeing and protecting the environment with products that are certified organic by Ecocert to the Cosmebio ("ecological and organic cosmetics") standard.

And as mums also need comfort and safety, Douce Nature has launched 100% organic-cotton nipple shields with a waterproof potato-starch film.

Discover our Baby care world
A range designed for 3 to 10 years olds: body and dental care products with yummy flavours and attractive colourful packaging.
Hair care
A complete range of shampoos and other care products to meet every need: shine, volume, sebum control, dandruff removal...
Personal care
An indulgent shower range with exotic fragrances, plus deodorants, intimate hygiene, toiletry soaps, solid and liquid Marseille soaps, and facial products.
Aleppo soap
Traditional soaps, made in Aleppo to an age-old method. A range of traditional 200g cubes and traditional perfumed soaps.
Argan care
A complete range using certified-organic argan oil from fair-trade sources.
Douce Nature's precious argan oil is first cold pressed to preserve its active ingredients - it's rich in essential fatty acids and tocopherols. Rare and precious, it is used for cosmetics, body care and hair care. The oil is not deodorised and no perfume is added; it has a faint smell of hazelnuts. The kernels are picked in their pulp, thus ensuring they have not been in contact with goat saliva (which would give the oil an "animal" odour).
  • The range is certified organic and Organic Fair Trade
  • Argan oil, with a traced provenance in Morocco: the village of Tazghlilt, in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains.
A range of products using organic cotton certified to the European GOTS standard and processed in France. Cotton is one of the world's most polluting crops, so supporting and selling organic cotton is a militant act. Douce Nature offers a makeup-removing cotton range with oval and square discs, packaged in biodegradable and compostable starch bags; buds in recycled-cardboard boxes; compostable wipes, etc.