Didier Perréol
The founder and chairman of Ekibio

Didier Perréol in Bolivia

" The success achieved by Ekibio thanks to its employees, its customers and its partners (farmers, certifying bodies, etc.) reveals an essential piece of information [...]: the new eco-friendly and solidarity-based world that we are waiting for is already happening! Let's mobilise to help this human-sized model, and let's give it a chance!" (excerpt from Entreprendre pour changer le monde ("Changing the world through enterprise"), Didier Perréol.

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Sowing seeds for the future

An Ardèche-born farmer’s son, the founder and chairman of Ekibio is among the convinced visionaries who have put Organic on the path to growth, and given business an ethical model.

Didier Perréol moved into Organic in the early ‘80s, running a handful of shops in Ardèche. At a time when no one really believed in the idea, he believed instantly. His family history, rooted in the land, and his first experiences in the food industry, had convinced him very early on that much of our future depends on what we eat. Through the food we choose, we influence ourselves and the world around us. Eating organic is a sensible decision for health, the environment, human fulfilment and biodiversity.

To share and develop his philosophy of life, Didier Perréol chose to be an entrepreneur, finding in this role an endlessly renewable source of projects and energy. In 1988, he set up Ekibio's parent company, Euro-Nat. Around it he developed a dynamic strategy of acquiring and creating businesses. Twenty-seven years on, Ekibio is a major group dedicated to the processing and marketing of food products and personal and home care products derived from organic agriculture.

At the same time, in demonstrating Organic's economic potential with spectacular growth, Didier Perréol proved that a company can succeed and help its customers succeed by investing in the most stringent environmental and social commitments.

Of all the stages in this adventure, one has been more decisive and symbolic than the rest: the discovery in 1989 of quinoa, sacred grain of the Incas, and grown for millennia in harmony with Bolivia's Altiplano terroir. Didier Perréol is Europe's biggest importer of quinoa, creating one of the first fair trade and solidarity-based supply chains championed by Ekibio.

Organic quinoa is not just an economic success. These little grains are a nourishing and delicious plant food, which embodies respect for Man and Nature... But there is also a special relationship with the farming world in order to make good use of its crop, and to preserve the quality obtained by organic farming until the product reaches the consumer. And what is true for quinoa from the other side of the world also applies here in France - for Ardèche chestnuts, Camargue rice, and Einkorn wheat from Haute-Provence.

This is Organic as promised by Didier Perréol for more than 27 years. A healthy economy that creates value without negotiating its values, and that can feed the planet without destroying it. A healthy trade, because it is truly fair and rooted in solidarity. Healthy and innovative products where each person can savour the pleasure of cooking and eating, health-led nutrition, and being able to assume one's responsibilities... Just as a young Ardèche man did in June 1988, because he wanted to change the world!