Discover Ekibio CSR in detail…

The Ekibio Charter (in French), which informs all of our CSR programme.

"Beautiful Stories, True Stories",
all our CSR actions in a booklet (in French).

CSR, naturally…

Devoted since day one to eco-friendly and organic products, our business has always reconciled economic development, respect for the environment and social equity.

Social responsibility guides the Group’s project and culture.

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, our CSR fundamentals were already in place...
  • Business development based on ethical partnerships and the first fair trade and solidarity-based supply chains.
  • Sustainable development where respect for the environment is the key to decision-making, starting with the decision to make products derived wholly from organic agriculture.
  • Management centred on people and workplace wellbeing.

These decisions have supported the Group’s growth and continue to earn many awards.

In 2009, for example, Ekibio received four accolades including the ‘sustainability initiatives and management policy award' bestowed by France's Environment Ministry and the Environmental and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). In 2013, another multi-award year for Ekibio, Didier Perréol won the ‘Golden Heart' award in the Future of the Planet category at the "Visionaries' Summit - Festival of Entrepreneurs" event in France.

Since 2011, CSR has been a systematic, comprehensive, Group-wide programme:

Analysing the business's interactions and its internal and external impacts; setting business, social and environmental criteria and objectives; implementing the actions needed to achieve them; buy-in/involvement by the Group's employees, suppliers, customers and partners.

The programme’s compass: ISO 26000, the international standard on organisations’ social responsibility.

Ekibio has used this ISO standard as the foundation for an "organic CSR" standard drawn up by our national federation, Synabio. The Bioentreprise Durable ("sustainable organic business") standard draws on the ISO 26000 guidelines to deepen the commitments specific to our companies: helping farmers convert to organic; sustainability of pricing and commercial-relationships policy in our supply chain; transparency vis-à-vis all supply-chain stakeholders; quality management system for our organic-certified business; environmental responsibility, etc. Ekibio is in the process of obtaining Bioentreprisedurable certification.